2020 Birding Highlights

Quite predictably, birding in 2020 was considerably inhibited. Which is not to say that there wasn’t a lot of interesting birds in the UK – there most definitely was. They just managed to get a little more peace and quiet in 2020. Which, let’s be honest, they probably benefitted from hugely! Despite what few outings […]

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2019 Birding Highlights

For me, going out and exploring is absolutely essential. Getting lost provides me with an escapism incomparable to anything else. It enables me to pause, mull and re-calibrate, helps me to reflect and re-connect with myself and permits me occasionally to witness the natural world as independent of humanity. When I get lost enough, sometimes […]

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When Governments Lie Citizens Fly

When it comes to climate change the Government lies to us, but we also lie to ourselves. Again and again we are told by the honourable conservative political elite that the UK is a world leader in the fight against climate change. Many of us clearly realise that this neat slogan is often furtively utilised […]

Nature & the Environment

Ramble On

The UK produces somewhere in the region of 500 million metric tonnes of carbon emissions annually. Mature, dense forests are amongst the most effective carbon capture and storage sinks that we know. Paul Lister, the heir to the MFI fortune, having already planted over 800,000 trees, intends to reforest and rewild some 50,000 acres of Scottish highlands. These facts […]