A.C. Stark is a campaigner, teacher and writer based in West Sussex, England. Passionate about nature, when he is not writing he can usually be found tinkering in his garden, working on an up-cycle project or birding.

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Current Projects


The Food Resilience Project is something I wholeheartedly believe in and actively support. As such, I have recently started a group where I live, so that the people within this little pocket of West Sussex can support each other in cultivating homegrown food, by sharing ideas and surplus seeds and produce amongst the community.


Ernest & Noble has now been published and is available to purchase on paperback or eBook.

In an age when ideological divides are ceaselessly widening, A.C. Stark attempts to elicit the importance of human understanding and tolerance by obliging the reader to reflect upon the fragility of their personal ideologies. By shining a light on the hubris of absolutist belief systems and admitting of the probable – albeit regrettable – reality of moral nihilism, Stark reveals why false beliefs are crucially important to human well-being.


In 2019 I began volunteering at RSPB Broadwater Warren. This wonderful reserve is relatively new to the RSPB estate, yet their impact has been almost immediate. Impressively, they have already seen a return of both nightjar and woodlark. My hope is that the conservationists can increase the bee and butterfly populations at the Warren, but more than anything I would love a breeding population of dartford warbler to take up residence again.

Related to birds still, I contribute weekly to the British Trust for Ornithology’s Garden BirdWatch and monitor nesting birds for their Nesting Neighbours project, supplying data which is used to inform research on bird populations.